Who we are

We have the only multi-disciplinary team of skin cancer and melanoma specialists in the San Francisco East Bay. Our mission is to develop the most appropriate skin cancer treatment plan for each patient which provide best clinical outcomes and increased quality of  life.

Multi-disciplinary Skin Cancer Specialists

•  Surgeon

•  Medical Oncologist

•  Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Sirott sitting.jpg

Our team of medical experts work together to provide patients with the most complete

skin cancer assessment and care. "

- Matthew Sirott, MD 

Types of Skin Cancer

Our center cares for patients with all stages of melanoma and other skin cancers, from early lesions to therapy for late-stage disease.

•   Melanoma

•  Squamous cell cancer

•   Basal cell cancer

•   Cutaneous lymphoma

•   Mycosis Fungoides

•   Merkle cell cancer

•  Anglosarcoma


Treatment Options



Your Skin Cancer Doctors


All of our physicians have a special interest in the treatment of skin cancer and have many years of experience. Diablo Valley Oncology and West Coast Surgical Associates have brought together all of the essential components necessary for a comprehensive skin cancer program. The biggest difference our skin cancer program makes for patients is our highly collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to care. We combine expertise from a multi-specialty group of board certified physicians who work together to provide high quality and consistent treatment for patients. Our center offers the most advanced therapies and latest technologies available to diagnosis and treat skin cancer.